Vintage Cloths - Crochet Edition

The perfect start to your slowcraft journey.
Welcome to your slowcraft journey!
Welcome to the beautiful, slow art of crochet.

It is one of the last remaining crafts that can't be recreated by machine and has some amazing superpowers.

It brings people together.
It builds your confidence.
It shows you the power of going a little slower.
It evokes memories of your Nana or Gran crafting something special with her experienced hands.

It has done wonders for me, I don't know where I'd be without it.

I hope you enjoy this course, the first in a serious of complete walkthroughs of my patterns.
Lets get started
3 mins
What you'll need
Your Pattern
1.5 MB
The basics
In this section, I'll go over the pattern and we'll make a start by creating your first slip knot and creating a chain which will be the width of our cloth.
Lets go over the pattern
5 mins
Creating a slip knot & how to hold the yarn
3 mins
Creating a chain
5 mins
Row 1
9 mins
Row 2
7 mins
Row 3 & beyond
5 mins
Changing colours & finishing
In this section, I'll show you how to
  • seamlessly change colours
  • finish up & sew in your ends
Changing colours
4 mins
Finishing & sewing in your ends
5 mins
And that's a wrap!!